"S/2003 J 2" - A story set in 2087


Arak turned to Qarx, pointed towards the Main Ring and said "How about we go ringsurfing?"


They were stationed on on of the outermost moons of Jupiter, known as S/2003 J 2, a barren sphere only 2km in diameter.


"Oh man oh man. I cannot WAIT to get back to Ganymede. I miss my family."


"I know. In 2 spacemonths we'll be finished here and can head back. Since we finished our work for today we might as well have some fun."


So they took off in their ship. Arak piloted while Qarx strapped a spaceboard to his feet and held on to a long line which was tied to the back of the ship. They flew towards Jupiter, across the surface of the Main Ring, for 1000km. Arak maneuvered the ship up and down, side to side so Qarx could "surf" along the surface of the ring, which was actually a nebulous belt of tiny rocks and space dust. Like pulverised space concrete. A wave was created in his wake, as he bounced along the spacering.


When they got back to S/2003 J 2 Qarx was exhausted. Their lab was a 300 metre wide structure of titanium and aluminaglass. From their living quarters they could see the three rings, several other moons, and Jupiter looming massive in the blackness of space.


Qarx started making dinner while Arak put a record on. "This is an old one, 'Nebulous Concrete'", he said. "This actually has a track on it called "S/2003 J 2"!"


"Haha yeah right" said Qarx.


After he ate dinner, Qarx went to make some beats before turning in for sleeptime.


Arak went into his sleep pod and plugged into the generator to recharge his cells. He didn't experience tiredness but he did feel something akin to a twinge of satisfaction at a hard days work done. He thought that he was glad the human Qarx had agreed to the suggestion of going ringsurfing. The last thought that went through his neural network before entering restmode was "I wonder if that is what the humans mean by "pleasant feeling"?

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